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Watch Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 – The Queen’s Justice

Clever Tyrion was meanwhile outfoxed by the tag-team of Jaime and Euron, his adorable raid on Casterly Rock playing directly into the chainmail mitts of his enemies. Oh and Ser Jorah is over that horrible bout of Greyscale and so will resume his life’s mission of mooning around after Daenerys. Welcome back Ser Jorah — how we’ve missed your hardy jaw line and stranded-in-the-friendzone pout.In terms of the Mother of Dragons — can we be honest and point out that her greatly anticipated tête-à-tête with Jon Snow was a mite undercooked? As they jibbered and jabbered it felt that Game of Thrones could plausibly be re-titled “Game of People Standing Around And Talking”. There was no flicker, not feeling of looming conflict — just the usual “burn ’em all” grandstanding from Daenerys and extra helpings of Jon Snow’s traditional frowning.


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