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Game Of Thrones Season 7 Trailer Breakdown

game of thrones season 7
game of thrones season 7

The most crucial and prominent theme of Game of Thrones was activated when the Lannisters carried out the plot of overthrowing the iron throne. The series so far features about nine noble families all having a peculiar ambition of being the protector of the seven kingdoms. However, in the midst of other highly controversial issues that interweave this event, a long lost enemy is awoken in the far icy land beyond the walls in the north. The battle line has finally been drawn, all groups have started making the journey to invade and conquer Westeros where Cersei Lannister has proclaimed herself the Queen after losing her two sons on the throne mostly as a result of her desperate ambition. Meanwhile, the Daenerys Targaryen who has now found a way to transport her warriors across the sea to Westeros seem to be the one with the greatest potential to achieve this common ambition all the houses have. With her massive number of unsullied and Dothraki warriors, her ruthless dragons and a team of advisers, we can somehow predict how the battle will end. But nevertheless, let’s not be too quick as Game of Thrones is full of surprises.

Firstly, season 7 will be shorter in episodes than other seasons. According to the producers, it is going to feature only 6 episodes. This makes GOT fans including me begin to wonder how the events are going to fit in the shorts space. But not to worry, it is one of the surprise techniques of the producers of the movie. However, there is a technical reason behind this, which is a logistic based reason. However, they will take a length of time that is required to shoot 10 episodes in shooting seven episodes. This will enable everybody involved in the production ample time come up with an excellent production.

What Awaits Cersei Lannister

Now in the trailer itself, it is apparent that Cersei Lannister will now face invasion from all angles. Just as seen in the beginning of the trailer she is to face the invasion from the west by Theon Greyjoy of the iron islands and his sister. However, Cersei has teamed up with their Bastard brother Aeron Greyjoy who is to play a major role. From the East in Essos, she is going to have to face the Unsullied and Dothraki Warriors of the mother of Dragons who has vowed to retake the throne at all cost since it once belonged to her ancestors. The small but mighty Aria Stark travels from the north to avenge the murder of her family members notably her brother and mother because she witnessed the slaughter. She seems to be the character with the most intense personal hatred for Cersei Lannister.

The Great War is Here

Finally, from the southern angle is an enemy from sand snakes who is seen sharpening his sword in the trailer. No doubt we are to expect a larger scale of battle in this season where Cersei Lannister is the common Villain and must be exterminated. But, most of participant of this conflict seem to be unaware of the danger, which approaches from the north of the wall as winter has now arrived. The ruthless creatures who have risen from the dead and are here to exterminate humanity. Only two people seem to be keen about this matter; John Snow and Sir Davos. In a scene of the trailer, sir Davos who was formally loyal to Sir Bolton tells Daenerys Targeryan that (in his words) “if we don’t put aside our enmities and band together, we will die and then it won’t matter whose skeleton is sitting on the throne”. However further scenes in the trailer shows that the battle commenced, so we really can’t tell whether his advice was even partially adhered to. On the other hand John snow sees the fight to exterminate the deadly creatures as “the great war” and not the battle to take the iron throne.